St. Mark's Lutheran Church

Chimes Choir:


The Chimes Choir will be providing music during our November 4 service. We are looking for players (musicians and those who say they are not musicians) to join the group.  I can promise you, it will be fun.  We laugh at ourselves and each other and somehow make some really nice music together!!  Practice will be Thursday, October 25 and  Saturday, November 3 at 10 AM. 


Ukulele Band Practice:


We will have practice the second and fourth Sunday of Each month immediately following Sunday School (11:30am).  Practice will last 20-30 minutes in the sanctuary.  Please bring your ukulele and music book.

We will be playing on All Saints Day, Sunday, November 4. The First Saturday Service in December, Saturday, December 1st at 6:30 PM, will be a Ukulele Christmas Service.  We will also be playing on December 2 at 9 AM.

Children's Choir

Please let Ben know if your Child is interested in being in the Youth Choir.  The first performance will be on Sunday, December 2.


Choir Sunday is the 4th Sunday of each month.  Practice is on the 2 Thursday's before that Sunday at 7 PM.