St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church
An ELCA Congregation

 5 Brooke Manor                                  Email:                                Phone: 610-582-8167

 Birdsboro, PA 19508                    Pastor Jim's Email:                        Fax: 610-404-0302

Phone: 610-246-4278

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Finance – budget, giving program, investment review

Gretchen Jameson-Wilcox, Dan Fullmer, John Hartline, & Nancy Nagle


Property – Maintenance to all buildings, suggest larger projects

 Charlie Benson, Charles Rubendall, Randy Romig, Roy Feick, Mike Fletcher


Worship/Music – Service settings, Music selection, Tone chimes

Kristina Flanagan,  Judy Colvin, Ben Modica, Charlie Rubendall, Sally Sassaman


Christian Education – SCS, First Communion, Confirmation, VCS

Carol Seidel, Kristina Flanagan, Eileen Mounce


Congregation Life  & Community Outreach – New members, Helping neighbors,  Congregation/community events

Kristi Lopuski, Mary Kilareski, Eileen Mounce, Ashley Care,

Carol Seidel,  Della Dry, Sharon Dragovich, & Gretchen Jameson– Wilcox





  St. Mark’s grow and thrive again!

From the Christian Education Committee:

THANK YOU to everyone who faithfully turns over their

    Redner’s receipts. The Sunday School uses the rebate 

    money to purchase special materials or to fund special 

    projects. (Our weekly offerings purchase curriculum and    

    basic supplies.)


    If you shop at Redner’s you must obtain a FREE gas card   

    and present it at check-out every time you shop.

    A “Save-A-Tape” dollar amount will then appear on the

    receipt. Tapes that do not show that amount cannot be used  

    for a rebate.




The Ministries 

of St. Mark's: 

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 VISITS FROM PASTOR JIM:   If you would like a visit from Pastor Jim, please give him a call in the office or on his cell phone (610-246-4278) so he can put you on his calendar.

 Musicians and Singers Wanted: 

Do you sing?  Do you play a musical instrument (piano, french horn, trumpet, sax, guitar)?  Would you be willing to share your talent with the congregation on Christmas Eve?  The Worship and Music committee is planning our Christmas Eve Services.  The committee is looking for individuals to share their talents as preludes to the 10:00 PM Christmas Eve Service.  If you are willing to perform a prelude, please contact Pastor Jim.






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