St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church
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Phone: 610-246-4278

John Maicher, a member of our church family, 

is awaiting a multi-organ transplant. A recovery fund to help with his medical expenses has been set up for John and his family. 

Donations can be sent to:

John Maicher Medical Recovery Fund

Customers Bank

513 Kimberton Rd

Phoenixville, PA 19460

You can follow Jon’s medical history 

through his website: CLICK HERE

They greatly appreciate 

your prayers and support.


Sunday -   Word & Sacrament: 9 am | Sunday School: 10:30-11:30 am
                 Saturday -
Spoken Communion: 6:30 pm on the first Saturday evening of the month. 


Prayer LineJane Altmann,  Gloria Boettcher,  Brian Boettcher,   Clara Carter,  Richard Delp,  Alice Dengler, Debbie Favinger, Grace Fox,  C. Dan Fullmer,  Barbara & Tom Kupp, John & the Maicher Family, Eileen Mounce,   Ralph Murray,  Christy Petitjean, Harold “Ookie” Prince,  Robert Reitz . 

Relatives & Friends: Frank Arters, Ryan Baer,  Jeana Bateman, Colton Bowen, Judith Bowen, Dana Bux,  Nicole DeCerio, Andy Demello, Joanne Ellingsworth,  James Favinger,  Glenn Gates, Mary Geiger, Ken Gorski,  Jamie Hamm, Lester & Evelyn Hart, Carol Himmelreich, Rachel Hohl, Dave Johnson,  Roseann Kennedy, Deanne LaBella, Mavrik Laxton, Steve Mammarella,  Michael Mosera,  Susan Sayles, Donnie Schaeffer, Carol Scholl, Sandra Seibold, Earl Suchomelly, Tyler Szablowski,  Robert Taney, Dale Tobolski, Philip Wilcox and Danielle Yohn.

Members to Remember:  Ethel Angstadt Luther Benson, Leonard Bitler, Clara Carter, Joyce Cooper, Richard Delp, Barbara Druce, Joanne Ellingsworth, Dan & Joanne Fullmer, Marie Geyer,  Mary Godfrey,  Bruce & Mary Hoffman, Barbara Jacoby,  Myrtle Krapf,  Ruth Krause, Tom & Barbara Kupp, Gloria Lutz, Albert Maicher Family, Audrey Minnich, Mary Minotto, Edith Moyer,  Elisabeth Murray, Harvey & Daisy Painter,  Kathryn Pennypacker,  Harold "Ookie" & Valarie  Prince, Rhoda Pyle,  Bob & Carol Rimby, Kathy Romig, Hugh Swoyer Jr.,  Grace Weiler, & Kenneth Wier.

  Members, Friends and Relatives, Serving in the Armed Forces: 

  Jason Church, Col. Brandt & Shannon Deck & family, David Cyphers,

  Lt. Col. Douglass Downey, Jacob Drumheller, and Michael Erb.


  1. Contact the office to add someone to the prayer line.

  2. Prayer Line names are kept on the Prayer Line until they 

      are asked to be taken off.

  3. Please be certain you have permission for the
  person’s name to be on our Prayer Line.

      Legal privacy issues require permission be granted.

 4. To be added or removed from the Members to Remember list,  

     simply contact the church office.